(No longer) Wanted: LS26

Or may stretch to an Ref3 if price is right.

I’m not sure you’ll have much luck searching for ARC gear here, to my knowledge there’s not a single piece owned by anyone on here!

Pretty sure many have tried but very few survived.

One Audio research owner here !

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I used to own an LS17.
A bit of an oxymoron calling it a pre amp though as LS stands for Line Stage.

I sit corrected!

This is probably a n00b question, but I didn’t realise there was a difference between a pre and line stage…

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A pre amp would historically take inputs of different voltages not just line level.(2v) (CD players, tuners etc
Normally that meant it included a phonostage (nominally 0.5V) but it could include a microphone etc.

To be honest most people use the terms pre amp and line stage interchangeably but please see my sig


I had an LS26 before my Pass Labs XP20. It was very good driving Alephs but was completely seen off by the Pass Labs preamp leading to a world of expense and ludicrous monos


Just realised I didn’t own a LS-17 at all, it was a LS-15.

I shall wear a hair shirt for a week :frowning_face:

Nope it means “Likely to Shit out”

I wonder how many of you use a Line Stage, ie a Pre-Amp without an inbuilt Phono Stage, but still call them pre-amps. Most of you no doubt.

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I suspect most don’t give a shit :wink:


Exactly - it was meant for Kevin the Pedant:-)

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Lots of people call Dyson and Shark vaccum cleaners Hoovers.
Lots of people call members of the seabird family ‘Laridae’ Seagulls.

Lots of people are ignorant.

Luckily there is a cure for ignorance


Also, languages aren’t absolutes - they’re means of communication. If the person you are talking to understands what you meant, it’s the “right” word.


I have an Allnic phonostage and AN(J) SUT that predate the Audio Research line stage. Whatever line stage I am/was using is/was carelessly referred to as a pre-amp. I might be wrong but at least I am consistent.

Much truth in that…

The XP-20 should be better, as it’s almost 50% more expensive than an LS26! But if I can get one for similar money, I’ll go for it.

I’m not sure it works like that.

Also its quite important to understand the context of your system and the match of the preamp to your power amp.

I wouldn’t narrow down to specific ‘Wanted’ candidates until you’ve explored this and maybe had chance to hear different options for yourself, and preferably in your own set up at home.

For context I’ve listened to a lot of preamps in my own system this past 2 years and there has been very little correlation between price and performance, and the ones I expected to be what I wanted disappointed when I had them here, and I ended up with something quite different to what I originally expected but which worked really well in the end.