No Time To Die [**contains major spoilers**]

Really enjoyed this. What now for the franchise?

I haven’t read the books. Does he ever meet his end in those?

The way I rationalised new actors and such was to assume that James Bond was a pseudonym adopted by every 007 after the first one. That way it could just keep on going, as they did with M and Q.

Who’s the current favourite to take it on? I heard Jamie Dornan’s name being floated about.

I’d guess that they’ll just insert a story back into his past. They could have a lot of fun creating authentic looks, decor and plausible gadgetry for the 60s 70s and 80s

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Saw this Saturday, hated it. :rofl:


I’m hoping they pull a Bobby Ewing and george lazenby snaps out of abduction mode in an old people’s home and tries to tit up a nurse.


I think they’ll just do a total re-boot and act as if it never happened. Whole new cast across the board. I don’t see how they can do anything else.

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They will sit back and look at the reaction.

My bet is a reboot.

The female option seems to have gone down like a lead balloon with everyone.

Then again, the producers will do what they want. This series arc was already a reboot.

Cunt’s already immortal they didnt have to fuckin kill him. Just turned it into some kinda Marvel fantasy shit.

It actually really pissed me off!


They don’t need to change much. As noted in the film they simply offer the 007 to the next bod (male or female)
Each Bond is accepted and stands as the character. Otherwise previous timelines backstory etc would conflict and collapse the story for the viewer - which they don’t.
In a decent bond you need a good lone wolf rebel who succeeds in always interfering the baddies missus. (Hence why the latest was a poor effort IMHO)

Dr. Who’s probably put the female lead idea to bed. There’s still 50 year old virgins having counselling about that.


I started off wondering how an eight year old girl could put six rounds from a pistol into someone with no recoil effects, then drag a dead weight fully grown man from the house to to outside only for him to then get up.

After that I just let it wash over me and enjoyed it :smiley:

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Idris Elba was mooted at some point…… personally I think they should have stuck with @Stu but his bond got sacked on day one for relieving M of his fountain pens and letting Patch set too on Money Penny’s leg. He got to keep the Astra though so not bad for a days work.


If Stu can’t do it vote Stronzetto, you know it makes sense.

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Next 007 could be James Bond Jnr in the future with space lasers and stuff. They could even then do a remake of Moonraker with an actual budget.

Fuck no, that’s the one thing that saves Bond for me. They haven’t resorted to remakes. We’d end up with Dwayne Johnson electrocuting Odd Job.


Never say never again?

Forgot that, it was shit though.


I hate Bond. We are doing a family trip to the cinema this weekend so Dune it is then.

How about an American 007, Billy Joe Bond.

Thought it was a fucking awful film, corny references to old films, stupid zoom shots of Daniel Craigs face and lots of drawn out monologue and an hour too long.

Rami Malek now takes the title of worst bond baddie from Jonathan Pryce.

That wasn’t a Bond film.


With all the Naval references, his insistance on being called Cmdr and wearing the navy jumper at the end I think the next film/spin off will be an origin story of Bond working in Naval Intelligence.