Non-kindle e reader

I want an e reader, like a Kindle, but I have a serious toxic reaction to really closed systems - like the Kindle system.

Ironically, I do want to use the Kindle reader software, as it allows me to share library with my wife. But I also want access to other library systems or just upload my own stuff (and yes, I know that you can upload your own stuff in some formats to a Kindle).

I think I can either suck it up and get a Kindle, or buy an android-based Icarus Reader like this:

There’s no real price difference.

Any advice? Anyone ever actually seen any of the non Kindle ones?

I once had a Sony one, it was overpriced tat. My Dad had one of those Icarus readers, he found the screen to be very poor so he threw it away and bought a Kindle.

My advice, bite your tongue - buy the Kindle, it really is a lovely device and it really just works.

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Just use the Kindle app on your phone.


Yes, I have a Kindle and it is great.

Needs to have the right e ink screen to work for reading

Was it the e ink one or the colour one? What was wrong with the screen?

e-ink. He found it slightly blurred and it wasn’t great in bright light - and when I saw it I agreed. Oh and there is nothing wrong with his eyesight, the kindle is just perfect.

I used the kindle app on iPad mini and iPhone but have gone back to an ancient kindle as it is just so much easier to use.

I have 2 kindle readers but find it much more convenient to use my phone.

I love the screen in the Kindle Voyage

I prefer CD…


Non Kindle ereader? The logical choice is Kobo.

Much more open (and geeky) than Kindle and can read lots of formats. Calibre is popular software to manage books and uploads Though the standard Kobo bookstore is good, even if not quite Amazon size.

I actually think the fonts are nicer than the Kindle as you have more control and can set the boldness.

You can even buy Kobo on the high street at Argos I have the (now reduced) basic Aura and it’s perfectly fine. The more expensive models have bigger and sharper screens. The new £150 model looks very nice, I’d probably buy that if I was buying now.

Just buy the fucking book :books:

Or use your local library

Use it or lose it!

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Absolutely :+1:

Part of the reason I’m considering an E-reader is that a book I plan to buy soon is (1) £10 on Kindle, £25 in hardback, and (2) just too fucking big to carry easily or read while mobile. It doesn’t take too many of those to make a Kindle worthwhile.

Readers Wives, the Golden Years 1979 to 1992?


Claire has a 3 year old Kindle Paperwhite and it is very good, she used to have a Sony (dunno what model, but she got it about 5 years ago) and she hated it, hence ditching it in favour of the Kindle.

She did look at Kobo, but didn’t like it as much, and wasn’t worried about format compatibility, as most stuff she wants is available from Amazon or in pdf.

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Just by a Kindle. Let’s face it, you’re happy to sell your soul to Google so moaning about Amazon being a closed ecosystem is a bit silly.