North Korea

What is Trumps next move…? :sweat:

Probably to punch a keyboard in the vague direction of twitter.

Feeling a 33 year old divorcees pussy?

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My guess is that he will blame Clinton, Obama and the NYT for fake news…again.

Playing golf.

More shouting shit.

Kim Jong Un has come out of Trump’s shadow and now has his own thread on AA :+1: Maybe that was all he was so pissed about? Maybe it will all calm down now?

He will continue to bolster the NK regime.
KJU is continually telling the people that the US are the big bad imperialist enemy, this reinforces the propoganda.

Think Kim should joining twitter so they could have a cussing each other war.

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To be fair to Trump, whatever he says and does will be completely misreported in North Korea anyway, as the only press there is controlled by the state. They just don’t need to make as much stuff up anymore.

I do not understand this comcept





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@mibby use this to check your chances for your SK trip. NK has puny nukes. Russia has the best nukes

Good article. I’ve been a CND member for just over 40 years. I reckon anyone not against nuclear weapons is mentally ill.

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One of my earliest memories is from the CND hands across the tay bridge demonstration in Dundee, age 6

Have you been to Scotland’s Secret Bunker? It does not glorify it in the slightest. Pretty harrowing and very well done IMO

No. but I remember that well.

I was in Glasgow in June 1980. We meet at the main railway station and marched to the submarine base at Faslane. A good few thousand there IIRC.

There’s a good chance I was there as well, albeit in embryonic form.

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Did you live in Glasgow? The London CND hired an overnight train from Euston to Glasgow Central Station. Left Friday evening packed in like sardines, the whole train reeked of booze and puff :rofl::rofl: