Northampton Bake off - Sat 23rd March


It’s been a while since I hosted one so I have Sat 23rd March free. Room for 12.

Kick off around 10am until 6pm. I no longer have two systems but still have the Gershmans and a decent power amp so we will need a pre and a source which will need to be CD or R2R :smile: the floor is too bouncy for a TT :sob:




Sure Nick.


Yes please Nick


Can bring a paradise and if needed a decent CD player.


Anyone who bring a paradise to Northampton is most welcome


Yes please if possible Nick. Bout time I got back on the bakeoffs ( and I promise not to be ill for this one ! ). Gregg, I can drive if you like.


Need to check on the logistics at this end but hopefully. If so, could see if the NAGA-J phono stage will behave itself while travelling this time…

Edit: yep, can do.


Yes please Nick.


Yes please.


Yes please Nick


Hopefully I can make this. Please, Nick.


Please Nick!



Can you put me down for this. Hopefully my car will stay in one piece!




Do we still need a pre amp? If we do, I’ll bring my new one.


I should be ok now Ian but bring it if you like. I have an integrated as well as a passive plus the Ayre power amp as options. I also have a cd so all sorted now unless anyone specifically want to bring anything.
2nd system is CD only so ring some discs.

Will send out details to all this evening.


Are you trying to enforce reasonableness at a bakeoff?


Hi Nick, apologies but I’m on kids’ football on Saturday an won’t be able to make it.


Ok Mark thanks for letting me know.


Really sorry, forgot about this and planned a visit to Granddaughter.