Northants BBQ bake - Sat Aug 12th


You’re in Dave :thumbsup:




Sorry Nick, hadn’t noticed pre-existing comittment so will have to drop out of this one


Subs for me. I’m free that weekend. About time people saw the real me.
And I got my eyes on you weasels.


You are on the list Steve.


A week to go. Hopefully everyone can still make it. The long range forecast looks good :sunglasses:

I’ll assume everyone is a daytripper unless told otherwise. Will pm details out to everyone in the week. Most of you know where I am anyway.


Argh! Really sorry, but going to have to biff out.



No worries Pete


Hi Nick, sorry but I have to blurf out too.


Ok Mark

So the revised list is now

Phil - Papa (TBC)
Mark DDD


Pms sent out . If I missed anyone out let me know.



Unfortunately, I’m going to have to drop out of this one. A shame. Well, at least every one else will get something to eat.


Never mind us, what about you - it’s weeks since you’ve had a decent feed! :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries Dean. Fortunately I haven’t been shopping yet so thats the food bill cut by 50% :smile:


Fillet steak on the menu now then I hope.:yum:


Shopping done. I need a bigger fridge due to meat overload reasons :smile:


Nursing a sprained ankle, I was worried about making cheesecake… thankfully Mum’s risen to the challenge and one will be delivered shortly …YAY




That could be an issue for you tomorrow when Nick says “come and get it” :smiley:

Mind you, you could still be in with a chance as Dean’s not coming…