Northants BBQ bake - Sat Aug 12th


Sorry Nick I’m going to have to pull out last minute (oo-er!).

Hope everyone has a great time today, safe journeys folks.


That’s a shame Wayne. You’ll make it over one day. :wink: If you are in the area give me a shout and pop over.


Cheers, I keep trying!


Nick’s current set-up :heart_eyes:


Lovely ! He’s even got the left and right coffee cups the right way round.



Nice, can we have a better pic of the Oracle.



Very nice, don’t see many around. Also can’t remember when I last saw an IO fitted to a V. Bet it sounds good :+1:


Is Sap7 there, have something for him


Nick’s struggling with the thermometer on the bbq :laughing:




Sitting out on the new patio area.


Those shorts! Jeeeeesus my eyes!!!


Be better with two speakers


Haha glad you all managed to find the meat beneath the carbon coating :smile:


It would look better if I didn’t look like we were on a boat about to capsize.


Many thanks to Nick, for a great day.
He has done fantastic work in garden.
Beautiful landscaping and decking and garden buildings.
Weather held up, so barbecue was fully utilized.
Lots of sweet goodies and nibbles.
Oh, and the system sounds great!


Back safe. Thanks for helping me break my duck.

Still have no idea who is who in here :smirk:


Thanks to everyone for coming over btw. Cheers for the beers, wine and cakey things. I may have put some weight on when I next see you.


Thanks for having us Nick, I’d say how good your system was, and tell you all the new tunes I’m gonna buy, but we sat outside and chewed the cud …

Far better use of time :-):joy: