Notts - 13-17 March weekdays

I’ve got next week off and basically I’m cocking around.

Anyone for weekday tunes, 10am -> we’re sick of each other’s company?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.


I’m off from 23 to end of month with free house (wife working in US).

Week out.

I’m open to anyone passing saying hello in that time period. I’m in the city, eastern edge. Is this hifi tinder?

Might be able to make Friday if still happening ?

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Sounds good Pete.

Drop off Ongaku and I will give you packed lunch for your journey home :thumbsup: :joy:

Trying to devise plan to remove M7 …

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I’ve got two options as it stands, Thursday on way back from Chesterfield, or Friday morning. Can’t be too definitive as every time I make plans clients change their minds and therefore my plans.

l’ll keep you posted if that’s okay Mark.

Yeah, short notice should be fine.

I’ve got a busy week, with workmen around today and a funeral in the south west, so heading there tomorrow. :slightly_frowning_face:

Friday is looking very doubtful now Mark.

Don’t turn down offers.

Fuck, gotta work tomorrow.

Can we do another time Mark as I’d love to hear your system?

No worries mate.

I have to go to Shell garages in NG24 and NG9 tomorrow…

…I’m assuming I’ve missed the boat Mark? :pensive: