Now seems like an ideal time to buy a DAC

so, suggestions please.

Budget of around a grand, less is good.

I see people liking the Mytek Brooklyn, but it’s over budget and I’m not enamoured of the look.

I don’t need pre-amp abilities (i.e. a volume knob) but most seem to come that way.

The Chord Qutest fits the bill on paper, but I’m sure that it will be greeted with hoots of derision.

Must do all three of RCA, optical and USB.

I have no interest in anything over 24/96 or MQA.

Thanks in advance.

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Mega pimped DDDAC in outrageous oversized and wallet-fuckingly expensive case :grin:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that a triply redundant offboard power supply is an absolute must.

And blue LEDs.


I could loan you one of these Guy if it’s any use to tide you over until you get some hideously overpriced tat.

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That looks suspiciously close to my wish list.

Are you some sort of deviant?

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For under £1k I quite liked the Exposure 2010 dac. You should be able to pick up a used one s1 (non DSD) for around £400. The S2 is around £900 new.

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If you haven’t tried one already, there are a few Auralic Vegas kicking around, one for less than a grand. Very impressive, I loved mine.


The Qutest isn’t truly ideal with a Naim amp- both companies have completely opposed views on grounding product so they tend to hum.

EDIT- although, Hugo2 doesn’t because it has a battery innit.

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There is NEVER a good time to buy a DAC


and you even sound like you know what you’re talking about.

Is there no end to the silliness on this thread?

I’d buy an Okto

But they have been ‘available to order soon’ for a while…

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The Denafrips Ares II is worth looking at. £750 from Willow Tree Audio with 3 year warranty. It has 2 coaxial, 2 optical and 1 USB input with balanced and RCA outputs. No volume control with (too) subtle orange LEDs. R-2R DAC that supports NOS and OS.



Audiobyte Black Dragon here for £600 (if still available and if he will sell rather than trade).

Best of the modern dacs I tried.

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Didn’t @Ciderpig used to sell those?

Could there be any higher recommendation? :smile:

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