Now TV

Anybody use Now TV? We used to have Sky TV with F1 + BT Sport but cancelled it earlier in the year due to low use, and then lockdown. We really don’t watch live TV other than sports, the rest is all iPlayer/4OD or Netflix.

We are in the process of moving house so I dont want to commit to a contract TV package (SKY/BT etc).

I’m after a value TV package for pretty much watching the F1 (and Football if it comes with it).

The Now TV is £25/month for 3-months which seems good value.

Anybody use their service, through their TV, App or TV Stick?

I use it through a USB stick in the back of the TV.
Works really well.
So much better than the Amazon Firestick

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Is the basic package just HD quality, and then you have to pay extra for FHD?

You can normally get a couple of months free (normal service) if you shop around for the stick. I think i got mine from Argos in the end.

Yes you pay for the extras but you can switch them on and off on a monthly basis.
You can also get a day or weekend pass for Sky Sports if there is something you want to see as a one off

Balls, missed the offer and its now back up to £33/Month! Doh!

We have an Amazon firestick and a now TV box, the picture and sound from the now TV box is much better.
Both handy things for our ‘thick’ TV.