As posted elsewhere, I would love to give it another go. Preferably in something better than the Lotus Exige I used last time.
I’m not sure my Mazda 6 Tourer is up to it.



Certainly a better option :thumbsup:


That Z4 looks stunning Graham ! What version is it?


Is there a bloke hidden round the back trying to put a wheel back on ?



Thanks, I spent a long time trying to find a nice example, there are so many dogs out there. Its an early one, a 2003 e85 with the 3L m54 (the only engine to have imo).
It doesnt look that good in real life though, the blue colour appears to have been enhanced in the pics.


Slow first lap trying to remember where track went after 3 years and in a different car.

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Biggest cheer of the day from the spectator area was for this mk1 Fiesta…


That e36 (M3 Evo?) in Martini colours is sweet…:heart_eyes:



Mark 1 Golf GTis!! Were they lifting the inside rear wheel in the corners?:grin:


…and original M3, not so sure on the white though!


I didn’t see it happen but the blue one with the roll cage probably did at some point, the driver was really going for it.


I’d LOVE to have a go. Sadly I no longer own a car, just a 4x4 slug :unamused:


Great stuff @coco but I’ve got an Audi that would beast that :stuck_out_tongue:



That Merc does look a monster !


If you’re ever at a loose end in that neck of the woods Quad Musikwiedergabe are only about 20 miles away and Manfred Stein is a very hospitable guy.



This is what you need. Mercedes AMG Project 1 Hypercar.