My heart rate has just doubled watching that!



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Much more fun than f1




If you watch again very carefully, and don’t blink, about halfway through he gets overtaken by a Mk3 Astra on a flying lap…


I was shocked and saddened to read this today:

Stayed with Brendan several times over the years. One of the fastest guys there and a great host. I remember one particular drinking session where a bunch of us staggered out of a nightclub in Adenau at about 6am the next day. Ouch.

When we stayed with him a couple of years back, he was talking about doing bike tours in Spain. Looks like he never got the chance and the Nordschleife finally got him. :cry:

Just shows how unforgiving the place is.

RIP Bren.

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Sad news, sounded like a great guy.

Shit, I stayed at Sliders a couple of times when I did the Ring, back in 2003 and 2004.

Bren was obviously a fantastic host and knew every bump on the track, so a very useful font of information.

He was the guy who told me not to try and get a good time by following the Ring taxi’s. I ignored him of course, once, scared myself stupid and even though I kept my trap shut, he bloody well knew what I’d done.

Seems he died trying to help others, which sounds about right.

RIP Bren. :cry:

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I’m going to the ring in a few weeks. Will be really sad.

Very sad news.

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Mr @gthang and I have just done a few laps. :grin:

What a track!


Pics please!

Should be some video, I hope.:vhs:



Big respect to @coco Coco for taking me round for a fast lap in his 911, awsome control, speed and track knowledge. It was fcuking fast, closer to 9 rather than 10 minutes by all accounts.

I did a wobbly 1 and only lap in my car later in the morning. I made it round fine, not as bad as the youtube vids make out. When I had nothing in my mirrors (and I could see enough track) I was able to take a few faster lines which felt great.
Had a hairy moment when I was on the apex of a fast right hand bend and got overtaken by 4 very quick cars inc the Ring Taxi and the “Green beast” AMG merc, I felt sure I’d lost a layer of paint off my wing mirror as they passed by at twice+ my speed.

I’d love to go back but not in a standard road car. “M Sport” suspension is frankly dangerous on a track like the ring.

I got the line into the Carousel wrong for the pic unfortunately…


‘Monkey sport’ ™ :grin:

You do soon realise that most road cars are a joke on the track.


It’s was changes in levels that really screwed up my car, fortunately I realised I had Monkey suspension at the first bend right hand bend and kept it cool from then on.

Like like like, stupid jealous. However I’m well aware I’d die a firey death.