Oasis are the best - now it's official

Suck it up, Bitches - https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/oasis-noel-gallagher-liam-gallagher-best-british-song-live-forever-a8285601.html


Amazing. More annoying than bacon and hot sauce on a HCB and even less palatable.

Oasis: a cold shit sandwich with extra bum gravy.



Was there ever any doubt ?

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I knew you’d be delighted :+1:

There are approximately 66.5 Million people in the UK. 1.6 million people (have / do) tune into Radio X, of these unfortunates 61% are men / boys aged between 15-44. According to Radio X’s scant voting information “You’ve been voting in your thousands for the Best British Track Of All Time”
Radio X have apparently held x3 such polls.


A small percentage (Thousands, not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands) of 15 to 44 year old mostly male Radio X listeners are in fact mainly Russian troll bots hired by the wonder brow brothers (Who are genetically intertwined with Leonid Brezhnev.)

Voters from the 15 and under demographic voted because

Shite. Hold me now by The Thompson Twins is way better.

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Despite that you have no taste (in either sense of the word), i agree with you on this one :grinning:

Silence bun abuser.

My original post had been defiled by the autocorrect on my iPad and has been edited accordingly. Apologies.

Oasis, rebellious music for people who buy their clothes at Matalan. Plod rock for the brain dead. Just another good reason to ignore the majority of the Britpop tosh that followed after them.

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Brexit and now Oasis. You’re just a sore loser ! :joy:

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Indeed. The people have spoken.


Oasis, annoying middle aged men since 1991. Only surpassed by the Charlatans of course :slight_smile:

Yep, I must be fucking dumb to disagree with impoverishing ourselves because of stupidity. However, I would take the most red, white and blue of Hard Brexits and Rees-Mogg as PM* over that tuneless, repetitive, nasal, monobrow driven, whining any day.

Absolute fucking bollocks that. The best thing that can be said about Oasis is that they were better than Beady Eye. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are weapons grade wank too…

*This is a lie but Oasis still suck dead dog’s dick.



So you don’t feel strongly about this either way then really???


Are you by any chance from Liverpool?




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Well I think we can all agree that Oasis are fucking great then? Excellent :ok_hand:


I’ve changed my mind - I do like Oasis

Excellent. I do like a story with a Happy Ending :+1:

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What’s the story … ?