Saw them live at Knebworth. Magnificent.

Sad news: RIP Plato - Vaskan Ohanian
RIP Luis Enriquez Bacalov - composer of Django
Tom Petty
RIP Malcolm Young
RIP John Hillerman
Charles Bradley R.I.P

Oh dear. I liked a lot of his music.



A treasured voice lost.

No more Wallace and Gromit?


Adam West. Hero of my childhood Saturday mornings.


Another hero goes, West.



Anita Pallenberg.
Further back and faster.


A voice that enriched childhood.


Yes. “Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew …”.

Mrs VB was at college with his son, Nick. Vicky Licorish and Jeanette Winterson were there too and were a couple for a while before Ms Licorish split from Jeanette and took up with Nick.



I’ve just seen a post from Audio Al over on the Wam concerning Lodgesound. Sadly it seems that Stewart died yesterday evening He had been battling cancer for 2 years.




Really really sad this.

RIP Stewart :cry:


Always seemed a really nice chap & always put on an impressive demonstration at Scalford. Sorry to hear of his demise.


Very sad,seemed a nice bloke on the couple of occasions i spoke to him


Sad news. RIP Stewart


The Lodgesound room always acted as a magnet, great sounds, a warm welcome and a fountain of enthusiasm & knowledge.

He’ll be sadly missed. RIP.


Just seen this, very sad, RIP Mr R2R. Condolences to his family and friends.


Sad to read this, RIP sir.
His room always sounded great at Scalford.


I knew of him via Tapeheads. He was always very generous helping out any R2R fans with advice.

I never made it to Scalford, but I’ve seen the pics and read the reviews of his rooms there, and wish I’d made the effort now.



Stewart’s memorial service will be a week today (Friday 30th) in Oxted. topoxforddoc over on the Wam has details.



Barry Norman