An end to a brave fight. Today I shed a tear for Bradley.



So sad. RIP Bradley.

This is very sad news, he touched the hearts of so many. RIP Bradley.

Martin Landau was a massive part of my childhood with Space 1999.

Was terrific in Crimes and Misdemeanours


Gone to Moonbase Alpha. RIP Commander Koenig :frowning_face:

Chester Bennington FFS.

Might as well go and put the whole back catalogue on.

RIP Chester :frowning_face:

What I’m about to do.

RIP Chester, you’ll be badly missed here

G. Yunupingu, the finest indigenous Australian vocalist of his generation passed away after a long illness. There is an announcement here.

The only one of his records I could find on TIDAL was ‘His life and music’, recorded with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It is well worth giving this a listen.

Bit sad about this. He was only 46.

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Gurrumul was a creative force. A very talented individual.

RIP Gurrumul. I was listening to a CD of his just yesterday. Great singer and musician. Such a shame.
Obit here

RIP Richard E Lord of REL, a man whom many have to blame for having a subwoofer in our front rooms

Sam Shepard has died age 73.

I really enjoyed his performance in Bloodline.

A fine actor


They’re dropping like flies

Shame both great actors - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy remains one of my all-time favourite programmes.

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Glen Campbell has passed.

Superb guitarist. First concert I went to was in 1967 in Toronto to see him.

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Shame, I wasn’t a massive fan, but really enjoyed some of his offerings.


I wasn’t either really. More a fan of the Jimmy Webb songs he recorded.