Steve Davis will be upset. Didn’t he pay for Magma to come & play one night in London for him & fellow fans?


He’s in for a surprise or not


My money is on the surprise


That’s only if you believe in consciousness after death tho :thinking:


Of course.

How else would you get ghosts ‘n’ stuff


Of course. Silly me :smirk:


RIP Eddy Amoo


I have sad.


some of that was the soundtrack of my childhood - the music associates with memories


Exactly :+1::grinning:



Sad news. I worked with the Real Thing about six years ago. Legends!

Great performers.

RIP Eddy.


I saw him around 1967 when he sang with The Chants, they were an exceptional group, their vocal harmonies were excellent. Loved their end of set song ‘Amen’. They must have been good for the memory to have stayed with me for 51 years.
RIP Eddy, certainly I won’t forget you.



K’nell ! She was a terrific comic actress. 53 is no age for “natural causes”. It’s actually no age for anything :cry:


RIP Blakey


Afraid you fallen for one of those strage BBC website features that make old stories come to the top of the story lists. He died in 2015 !

I also clicked on it earlier today thinking hadn’t already died.

Perhaps he had a return trip! :bus:


oh yes - I just said to Louise, I thought he died a while - anyway he still deserves an RIP


very sad , some years ago i used to know the real lady who the vicar of dibley is based on . she is now married to an amazing guy who works in inner city communities and was an personal adviser to obama


Sir Roger Bannister RIP - For me the most memorable athlete there has been.


A genuine legend in the history of athletics.

Interestingly, he said his 1954 Commonwealth Games gold medal was the pinnacle of his athletics career.