Obligatory recommend me a car thread


Citroen Berlingo


Bastard… utter, utter bastard.


?? :slight_smile:


I said golf clubs, not wheelchair.


Nissan Navaro with free snake? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-37796436


These are roomy


Great for floor sanders.


You were I take it referring into my brief foray into the world of Audi? No?
Well I thought i’d try bangernomics an found a (to outward appearances) lovely W reg Audi A6 2.8 quattro. Exactly 1 month to the day after I bought it the engine gave way in spectacular fashion on the A5 meaning that i’d have to spend more than double what i paid for it in order to fix it. This led to the purchase of the incredibly reliable and worthy but an utter fun black hole that I currently drive - no not the bloody leaf that at least has some character even if it is a bearded, sandal wearing vegan one. I’m talking about the reasonably priced kia ceeeeeee’ddd. If you want an appliance that gets you from a to b then get one. If you have a soul then steer clear.


I wasn’t although that is quite amusing (sure it wasn’t at the time).

I was actually referring to my super duper freebie Audi (donated by coco San) that is virtually a fossil (20 years, 300K miles) but that just keeps on keepin’ on regardless of what is thrown at it.


Yeah at the time it was a total ball ache and it’s put me off VAG cars for life as I had similar issues (albeit at a much higher mileage) with a seat alhambra diesel.
What engine is in your seemingly indestructible Audi? To be fair the interior of my A6 was faultless, the only issue being that silly screen on the instrument binnacle loosing pixels. Everything else worked fine. it’s just the engines that VAG has issues with (for me anyway).


It’s an old 1.8T, 20 valve jobby


yeah apparently the 1.8t 20 valve is a bit of a workhorse and can take some serious abuse. A mate has a TT with that engine and it just keeps ticking. Mind you the brake servo and clutch are made of jelly on his so…


Mines in the A3, so isn’t exactly lugging around a lot of weight, other than me :slight_smile:


Thread necro. For @freefallrob



You’re going to need a strong cup of tea to deal with such outrage.


Volvo means I roll, hence rotation hence rotary.