Obligatory recommend me a car thread

Seeing as the forums prolapsed or something I’ll try to recreate the ambiance of the old place by asking the degenerates here to recommend me a set of wheels.

I’m looking for something that will…

  • Be cheap to buy and run
  • Carry me, my family, my gimp at weekends along with the required suspension gear and lubricants. In luxurious comfort.
  • Be able to lap the Nurburgring in 7:30 and out do low 10 second quarters.
  • Have a ride soft enough not to rupture my ridiculous farmers.
  • Have dealers that treat me like royalty, find no additional work neccesary and provide fantastic coffee served by specially trained barristas willing to provide oral sex at no charge.

I’ve actually already made my mind up as to what vehicle I’m going to purchase and may already be in the processof buying it, it fulfils none of these requirements but I thought i’d ask here anyway just to have something to say and prod a few open wounds.

First person to mention RX8’s or LS400’s gets a special prize(*)

(*) prize may or not be real.


but it’s (made of) rubbish…

Mahindra jeep - room for the family though you might die from the exhaust fumes

Hindustan Ambassador.

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Your point?

Have you considered a Mazda RX-8?


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An Aud err Porsche Macan??

If cash is not an issue,I’d go for a 98 Astra


A Nissan Leaf ?

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Old Audi. Hard as fuckin’ nails and all the street cred you can handle.


Won’t that be an Auto Union ? :unamused:

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Only if you are particularly anal

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Bubble car

Once you go cack, you never go back.

Kubelwaggen, colour tends to be a bit meh, but the designer has the name needed

Get one of these, fucking ace.


you’d be needing a cage for the gimp

fixt :thumbsup:

I also am looking for a new car.
I don’t care what colour it is but it should be diesel cost £30 a year to tax have 4 doors and a big enough boot for a set of golf clubs and a trolley.
Budget <£9K