OGWT any love

The Whisperer is back! Friday 9 pm BBC 4. Any watchers?
I was avid fan in the 70’s .This one is a 3 hour one off special…


I shall be watching.

Me too.

Waits for thread consolidation/merging/whateverthefuckyoucallit…


A couple of old grey specials are on afterwards but are both repeats

Who’d of thought that!?

The line up looks shit. It always was very hit or miss but there have been some great bands and performances over the years. Shame they don’t seem to be showing those.


I have a couple of DVDs somewhere and they’re a kind of OGWT greatest hits. Very good, I might be better off watching those!

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Very star studded version of the Invisible Girls there. The bass player is Martin Hannett who produced Joy Division, the guitarist next to him is Vini Reilly of Durutti Column.

This version of Beasly Street is much better IMHO as Vini Reilly’s guitar playing is wonderful:

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I enjoyed the show,Ann nightingale asked to co present the show but was turned down,which was a shame imo

Would have been cool split into 2 halves

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