Oh Hold: Trigon Audio Advance Battery Phono Preamp

Trigon Advance and Trigon Advance

Trigon Advance phono amplifier for MM and MC systems with integrated battery power supply and external (charging) power supply. The pure battery power to the ADVANCE results in the delicate phono signals maintaining all of their original integrity, resulting in an highly immersive analogue experience. Enjoy the incredibly low noise floor that this unique design brings to the musical table.

For simple operation and high reliability the front panel displays indications of all the operating conditions, with highly sophisticated software controlling the charging and monitoring of the ultra long-life lead batteries. Externally accessible switches allow optimum adjustment of gain, impedance and capacitance for different cartridges. The slim design allows audiophile compliance by establishing short signal paths in the immediate vicinity of the turntable.

Amplification 36 - 60dB adjustable in 16 stages
Input Impedance 25Ohm to 1800Ohm in 31 stages, 47kOhm (MM)
Input Capacity 60 - 100 pF basic capacity / 47pF, 100pF, 147pF
Inputs 1x RCA
Outputs 1x RCA
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz ±0,2 dB RIAA
Distortion < 0,06%
Crosstalk < -96dbA
Warranty 3 years
Dimensions 200mm X 58,5mm X 320mm

Brilliant bit of kit but sadly I’ll never do it proper justice now so it needs a new loving home. Original box and manual.

£750 including delivery

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Bob @ICHM lent me a Trigon phono stage a while back when my Allnic was sick. The Trigon compared very favourably to the Allnic so this is good price for an excellent phono stage.

Cheers Olan

I don’t have any experience of other high-end phono stages to compare it with but it is a belter (technical term)

Tbh I’ll never be able to afford a cartridge to really get the best out of it and I have no doubt it’ll fit nicely into a very good system.

I’ll be selling my eXtension 10 once it’s had a once over so all change here :cry:

Nice stage.

What will you be changing to Al ?

I’m downgrading my whole vinyl system Mike so probably just go for a Creek OBH-8mk2.

Oh no ! Not another defection to the dark side ?

Never :grinning: I just aiming for a simpler set-up Mike.

I’m never going to be able to afford a cartridge the Pro-Ject & Trigon deserve so time to bite the bullet.

Phew !

Good luck with it all then mate :+1:

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If you like a battery stage, I’ve got an Angle Audio one, it’s had every option added from new so at approximately equivalent to their Reference 2 model, iirc.

MM/MC, linear PS (which just charges the battery, so why it had to be a linear one I don’t know…) & variable loading with a full set of loading plugs. I stuck an expensive hybrid 9v rechargeable battery in it too, for extra foo.

Gratis to you, if you think it’ll suit.


That’s a remarkably generous offer Rob thank you and one I would like to take you up on but could you hang on to it for me for the time being ?

I love this place :kissing_heart:

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Of course I will mate.


I’ve got one of these and rate it highly. As said the noise floor is vanishingly quiet.

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In the same vein, if you’re in need of a ‘get you by’ TT, I’ve got an SL-7 you can have.


Thanks Mike that’s much appreciated. I’m sorted for a TT - I have an old DJ deck that will tide me over for the foreseeable.

Nay worries Allan :+1:


Would any Abattoirist be interested in a straight swap for a decent solid state integrated amp they’re not using ?

On hold of the moment.