Oh mate

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First up, Sleevenote.

Learning absolutely nothing from Neil Young and Pono (I still can’t get over how bad that name is), here’s a…tablet, but somehow worse?


Yeeeah, I kind of bought a laptop for that.

It does other stuff too.

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I was thinking, ‘well if it’s big pocket sized it might not be too awful’… but it’s fucking enormous.

Go 12 inch or go home

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This is your moment Adam. Some sort of unholy combination of an old portable CRT and a Raspberry Pi that only plays YouTube rips of late eighties and early nineties MTV. An optional VH-1 rip plugin will be an extra £199.99.


Can you roll a spliff on a CRT though?

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This is genius. You are wasted.

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Not as often as I used to be in fairness.


How much is it? I quite like it

The point being it only does music I guess which I like ESP if it’s a simple interface and I can avtually read the lp notes

“After searching for years we found a specialist supplier of square displays.”


There was a big clue right there.



Bit boastful that.

I now have a vision of him walking forlornly in and out of shops on the high street, then sitting at home with Yellow Pages on his lap, JR Hartley style.


People who use digital think 12cm is better than 12”