OK, I give up. How do you quote posts when replying?

Buggered if I can find a “Quote” or “Reply with Quote” button.

Disclaimer - I may not have looked particularly thoroughly…

Just highlight the text you want to quote and a pop up will appear, hit reply and way you go.

Just highlight the text you want to quote then the quote thing will appear as if by magic…

eh voila

You and me, geniuses

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Usually by amending them to say something amusing or inaccurate which makes the original poster seem foolish.


Just like that :slight_smile:

I have always clicked on reply and then click on the speech bubble in the top left of the message pane?

Yup that works too.

You guys are awesome. Although I was a little disappointed not to recieve more abuse for my laziness.

you mean you don’t need to write it out long hand on a pad with a pen, and then retype it into the new message?

Are you friends with the guy in my last job who, when asked for a screenshot of what he was seeing printed the screen, to a real piece of paper, scanned the piece of paper into a PDF, and mailed the result to the development team ?


my old boss once sent a fax, and when the recipient phoned him to ask him to send it again as it hadn’t come through properly, promptly replied “I can’t, I have sent you my only copy”!