Old stuff and anniversaries

Some here won’t remember this, 59 years ago today


I remember watching it. I also distinctly remember feeling very uncomfortable with the theme music. I was only 8 mind.

It also makes me recall a horrible incident that was directly related. That first series conflicted with a pop music programme on another channel that my (6 years older) sister loved. Obviously before the days when programmes could be recorded.
One Saturday we had a big fight - arguing over what was going to be watched. This culminated in her pushing me over, my head hitting the fire hearth and a visit to the hospital for stitches.

I still remind now her about her ruthless bullying of a defenceless 8yo :joy:


The MiL worked for the BBC in Northern Ireland at the time. She says that she visited somewhere (can’t remember where) and they were proudly shown the set of an exciting new show.

Er, right, it’s a police box in the middle of a pile of sand. Yes, you crack on with that lads …

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Safe to say more people will remember what happened the day before.

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I used to go to my grandparents every Saturday and stay overnight. When this started I was hooked and wanted to watch it every week. My grandfather hated it with a passion but he still allowed me to watch it.

Can’t remember seeing much of it post Tom Baker.

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Indeed I do.

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