Old stuff, Garrard, Goodmans

In my local cash converter shop there’s a system for sale: Garrard AP76, a Pioneer receiver and some Goodmans Magnum K2, and an Aiwa cassette deck, which is essentially junk.

There’s an issue with the Garrard, which from description sounds like it’s just gummed up and a good clean and re-lube should sort it.

£50, and I could probably get a few quid off that.

I know the Garrard isn’t worth much even if it’s working properly, but I was wondering about the speakers, are they any good? Worth buying even just to flip?

Have you considered asking on a hifi forum?


I thought you might want the drivers Adam, so you could nail them to a piece of chipboard?


If you enjoy doing it then sorting the AP76 out might be an effective way of occupying your time. But I suspect that the return if you then tried to re-sell it would work out at well below the minimum wage. And if you sell on eBay then packing any record deck so it arrives undamaged is a nightmare.

You might come out (slightly) ahead on the speakers. But, as always, check the surrounds first.


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Do the grilles come off easily? So I could have a look in the shop, or would I need to dismantle them?

They look like they’re just Velcro’d on (original listing here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Goldman-s-G-Magnum-K2-Vintage-Speakers-/143480987901 has pics with them on and off).


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Thanks Graeme, might be a fun project to fix the tt and tart up the veneer on the speakers if the drivers are in good shape. People seem to like them, it seems.

Well it’s not a way to make money TBH, but it can be satisfying I guess.


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As VB says, a fun project and you’re unlikely to lose money on a purchase price of £50, only time!

The Pioneer receiver should also be saleable and Aiwa made some decent cassette decks, so even if it’s a cheapie it might be worth saving.

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It’s a nasty dual well thing and a bit scruffy. If I get it, and it actually works, I’ll probably put it in the Spirit of the Slaughterhouse.

1970s system, the speakers are probably knacked
I had an AP76, Sansui AU101 (loved that amp and still have it) Wharfedale Lintons and a cheap cassette deck, someone gave me, Teletron iirc but not a brand I recognised

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