Omega Greyside FS

Slightly different pitch, a chap who works for me has a mint 2015 Omega Greyside for sale. Been worn a couple of time but sat in his safe other than that.

If interested drop me a PM and I’ll put you in touch. He’s on the Wirral and a sound fella. He will send you pics and all the details. If sold via here he will make a contribution to the running costs of course.

Price is £6500.

One of these?

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I think it’s the one with the meteorite dial

Rotten price for the non-meteorite version. You could get a new one for that with a bit of haggling.

Nice watch, but that’s a dealer price.

As I said its a 2015 watch not the 2016 issue. If any one is interested all I need is a PM and you can negotiate direct.

I knew this would be a bad idea.


We’ve not had a forum motto contender in a while. Nice one :+1:


A new one? Discontinued.