Omega speakers

Talking to a chap tonight who has omega single driver speakers and rather likes them. Anyone heard them or any thoughts?


Not me.

Single driver = no treble or bass

Their website is annoying - it’s full of stuff about how their speakers are wonderful, and defy the laws of physics by having bass from small drivers in smallish boxes with high efficiency, and how clever they are for doing all this. But it doesn’t give any idea of the actual topology, and the frequency range doesn’t say whether it’s ±1dB or 10.

They do look nice, and I like that they use wide baffles.

:point_up:t3::+1:t3: Plus fairly hefty cones. They’re sold as a universal panacea, rather than with an open acknowledgement of weaknesses, as well as strengths.

Iirc there was someone in the old place that had some Rethms as well as Omegas, but I don’t see any trace of them now.

i had the frugalhorns here for a while , xl version and they had reasonable bass , top end could get slightly strident at times but imaging to die for and vocals were marvellous . i have never heard these omega but they are apparently good value

Have had 2 pairs of single driver speakers

Fostex zhorns fantastic on female voice acoustic guitar etc. Fell to bits on indie

Others were audio nivarna 15” in quite big cabs. Did a good job of most stuff

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The tune audios are a kind of single driver as they only crossover to super tweeters above 6 Khz.

They do bass really well and are supposed to go as low as 35 Hz

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The Tune Audios are well designed - combine a back loaded horn with corner loading and you can have fairly deep bass, down to the 30s, which is tremendously quick and agile.

The Omegas might be similar, but some of theirs look to be reflex loaded, and I couldn’t see anything about positioning. I’m not convinced that a reflex loaded single driver is going to sound good at high frequencies.