On the Plymouth Prowler

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Plymouth (then Chrysler) Prowler, ever since seeing one as a kid. What’s strange is that the Chrysler PT Cruiser is so popular, despite being based on a similar design but being hideous, but you never really see a Prowler around.

It was interesting to discover that they’d based it pretty closely on a Chip Foose design, but then I discovered the Auburn Eight which is just stunning: http://www.rmsothebys.com/mo14/monterey/lots/1936-auburn-eight-supercharged-speedster/1067969

Perhaps read this first…

The Plymouth prowler?

i thought you were talking about Stu :smirk:


I had read that - ok so it’s a smaller engine and automatic not manual. I can think of cars with worse flaws.

Yea, but for that sort of money you’re getting into Astra TD territory.

Food for thought.


I met the Plymouth prowler. Dirty old docker in peephole pants and bra, hangs out by the gin palace in the barbican.


Later production had a more powerful aluminum block 3.5 litre.
I’m not one for bling cars, but have to admit it’s quite stunning/impressive. IMHO.