One for those who like wood?

The front of my speakers seem to have taken on a slightly pink tinge, they’ve just been sat in the spare room and out of direct sunlight so I’m at a loss as to what caused it???

They actually look like they have a bit of mild sunburn.

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Lovely looking things

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apart from the sunburn :frowning:

what wood? and are they sealed?

It’s olive wood with the standard AN satin finish (same as your old maple J’s)

they were Poplar Burr

is it on both speakers?


I’ve only ever heard of that happening to maple and it involved UV

like here

I’ll email the dealer to see if the factory has any ideas, they are only 6 months old.

Very annoying as I bought them downstairs to photograph and sell :frowning:

The joy of natural wood is it does odd things sometime and I am sure it will make no difference to a sale of these beauties and a good price on pfm

Probably my favourite Agatha Christie.


Some coarse sand paper will sort it.

Or a chisel.


Brillo pad and meths.

Tried bleach on my hair once when a dyeing incident went wrong, not going there again.

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