Opinions on Fujifilm X100V?

I figured that my last pay packet was a bit slim, and that I probably hadn’t been paid in lieu of holidays not taken.

Slightly surprisingly that money has now turned up, and Man Maths tells me that it should be spent on a camera.

A quick poke around the internet suggests that the Fujifilm X100V fits the bill.

I very much liked the notion of a single fixed prime on the Leica Q. The Fuji is very well reviewed, and weighs half as much and costs a third of a Q2.

Before I spaff my money does anybody use this camera? Any “it blew up and killed my dog experiences”?

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I used to have the original x100 ( I lost it!). The only fault I could find was the delay in pressing the shutter and an actual shot being taken, the biggest culprit was the auto focus system lag, there was also a small lag to the EV.

I suspect newer models have improved this, but a bit of hands on at a dealers would be recommended.


I had an early x100 it was very good but I ended up with a ricoh gr which fits in your pocket and is a little more stealthy for street. Have a look at that as an alternative option


Agree entirely with Bob’s experience

I had the second model for a while but the AF was painfully slow

Depends what you’re using it for, but I struggled

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