Inquiry, or fuck it it was ages ago and nobody really died or owt?

South Yorks police were known to be “totally fine”, so it’s probably not worth it.

Just checked and Rudd has ruled it out. I think they should have looked in to it a little bit.

Tebbitt seemed to be very much against the whole thing, but I guess he would be. Being slightly biased there as I have always thought of him as a massive cunt.

That’s a shame. He speaks very highly of you…

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Tebbit was basically saying that it was a long time ago, it was all recorded and in order and there was no need to go over it all again.

Exactly what he would have said about Hillsborough.

I was living in Sheffield at that time. The atmosphere throughout South Yorkshire was utterly toxic.

The Telegraph has decided that Rudd was praised for binning it. It seems in the article that only Tebbit praised it. Everybody else seemed to think it a shit idea.

The Independent Police Complaints Commision are reported to have found evidence of police collusion, and orhestrated police violence.
Seems like fair justification to have a bit of a inquiry to me.

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M’eh. Tory Government in cover-up of naughtiness by SYP shocker. Quelle surprise. There must be damning evidence of complicity all over the shop to stamp on it in such a blatant fashion. I imagine this will bubble along for another while before somebody spills the beans to the Guardian or C4 news. Then the fun will start.

It was State use of a police force to smash a Trades Union. 95 arrests made, charges bought and all were aquitted. the police had lawsuits taken against them and the police lost and had to pay out. to quote from Wiki’

Chairman of the NCB, wrote in his biography, “It [Orgreave] became a cause célèbre for Scargill, a fight he had to win. We were quite encouraged that he thought it so important and did everything we could to help him continue to think so, but the truth was that it hardly mattered a jot to us - beyond the fact that it kept him out of Nottingham.”[83]

David Hart, a right-wing political activist and adviser to Margaret Thatcher, MacGregor and the NCB, claimed that Orgreave was “a set-up by us”. He said in a 1993 interview, “The coke was of no interest whatsoever. We didn’t need it. It was a battle ground of our choosing on grounds of our choosing. I don’t think that Scargill believes that even today. The fact is that it was a set-up and it worked brilliantly.”[83] Following his comments, senior managers from the NCB denied these claims and threatened Hart with disassociation.[83] John Alderson, in Principled Policing: Protecting the Public with Integrity (1998), wrote that if MacGregor and Hart’s claims were true, the “conspiracy to draw the miners into mass pickets and predictable violent conflict between the police and themselves” constituted a "deceit… tantamount to incitement