Otomon Lab amps

Never heard any of the Otomon Lab stuff but occasionally see them for sale on ebay. Haven’t seen any come up for sale secondhand though. Found a few reviews or threads online and the majority seem to be good.

Build quality looks to be very good and the idea of a PSE 45 amp is tempting.

Anyone heard them or had experience of them?

Not heard the amps but I’ve dealt with them a few times. They used to have large stocks of Tango stuff.

I’ve bought stuff from him without problem but only second hand items. I looked at reviews for his amps and found quite a few saying they liked the amp but had to get it rewired by someone that knew what they were doing. I was put off a bit.

I had an arm that was poorly wired come to think of it.

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His delivery times are probably quicker than mine though :smiley:

I’ll get that item to you soon.

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