Ott & The All-Seeing I, Exeter, September 2nd

Hi all,

I’ve been away from teh interwebs for ages, due to it being summer, and stuff. But anyway, I thought people might like to know Ott & The All-Seeing I are playing the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter on September 2nd. There is a new system in there, so the sound will be top-notch, and we have Merv (Eat Static) opening for us, so it should be a good night. Would be great to see a few Abattoirists down there :slight_smile:

Cheers, Nick.


This is something I’d love to go to, but I suspect that SWMBO will veto it. Will check all the same.

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I would of popped along nick but Im not back from France till the 4th. Have a good 'un

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Stu & I are going. We need to work on Mr MWS. I shall tell him there’ll be secretaries & waitresses there.

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There inevitably will be. I am certain of it.

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…and cake


Throughly enjoyable evening.

2 dj sets to start with,first one from Nick,some cracking tunes played,but haven’t a clue what they both played,but would love to find out.

Some difficulties with the sound in ott’s set,but made no odds to the overall show.

Sadly me and Guy had to bail out slightly early,one with dodgy hips,the other with a bad back. :clown_face::clown_face:

Just watching the dvd they kindly gave away to the first 100 arrivees. Excellent stuff.

Have to say,i really like the Pheonix as a venue.

Great night.:+1:


It was also getting on a bit as they didn’t come on til 11pm. They were worth the wait though.

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Hey guys it was great to see you there! And thanks for your kind words. I had an awesome night, in all sorts of ways I hadn’t expected, and despite the technical difficulties. My DJing was very impromptu - only suggested to me the night before, which is probably the best way, as I would have overthought it for weeks and done my own head in, otherwise. Stu - I can probably remember what I played. I’ll work it out and let you know.
Good to hear the technical issues didn’t bother people - that’s the feedback we’re getting generally. In fact sometimes stuff like that brings everyone closer anyway - the informality of shit going wrong, kind of breaks the ice :slight_smile:


Stu, I completely agree about The Phoenix - it’s long been one of my favourite venues. It’s just a really nice environment to spend an evening, and the sound is decent. When I moved to the southwest, 12 years ago, it was such a relief after the horrible sweaty boxes I had become used to in London.

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If you could post your playlist on the thread Nick, I’d like to see that too.

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Ok here we go. I only played for an hour, so it was only nine tracks:

Zen Baboon - Beluga
Trentemoller - Rauta (Boy’s Mix)
Lusine - Auto Pilot
DFRNT - Incubus
Warp Technique - Whale Salt Dog (Birds of Prey Remix)
Vector Lovers - Neon Sky Rain
Leo Abrahams - Spider (Jon Hopkins Remix)
Ametsub - Time For Trees
Minor Rain - Canyon Sunrise


Cheers Nick :thumbsup:

You’re welcome Stu. Nice to work it out, actually. Especially as Auto Pilot into Incubus worked really well, so I thought at the time I should make a note. And there was another pair that worked really well - compatible keys. Can’t remember which, but now I can find out.