Outdoor sign printing

I’d like to get an A4 (approx) sign (full colour) printed on something (Aluminium) I can mount outside in an unsheltered location

Needs to last a good few years, and be as cheap as possible (<£50)

any recommendations for online services? I have tried my goto photo printing company (CEWE) but although they do alu prints, the substrate is not recommended for outside…

Just get someone to print a wrap. Like a decal, but easier to apply, and long lasting.
Then you can put the print on anything you like.

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thankyou - a great idea!


Get @coco to CNC you something, and pay him with a Turan delivery.

Err…what am I going to CNC it on?

Your backside?

Your face.


full colour?

Not even full size. Or quarter size at that.

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found a place that’ll do me an A4 vinyl for not much…P&P is mad though. We’ll see what they do…