Outdoor WiFi security cameras and WiFi booster advice please

So, about midnight last night my son spotted 3 men snooping about the garden, where the oil tank and caravan are but by the time I got outside they were long gone.

Obviously my wife is very spooked about this and I’m not overly pleased myself.

Can anybody recommend outdoor WiFi floodlight cameras with good range?

Also, will need to boost the WiFi signal as the TalkTalk box is not great so was thinking of disabling the modem’s internal WiFi and plugging in a high power external box.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I’d suggest you buy a dedicated WiFi access point and wire it to the router (powerline adaptors if you cant run a cable). Ubiquiti/Unifi are a decent make for access points but i dont know about their cameras etc. I’d avoid Amazon Ring like the plague

Cheers, I was looking at Netgear stuff, just need the greatest range possible.

I’ve got the Ring security system and it works absolutely fine for me.

Door and window magnetic open sensors
Keypad (I never use it)
2x indoor cameras
2x motion detectors
Ring doorbell
Alarm unit - includes 4G backup if internet goes tits up.

I haven’t got an outdoor camera yet but they are releasing a new battery one soon.

Most of the stuff connects to the 5Ghz wifi but the ones further away use the 2.4Ghz without any problems.

If you need to extend wifi then the Eero is quite good, Ive got an Asus RT-AX86U with a RP-AX56 extender setup as a Mesh and I get a min of 400Mbps download on wifi in the garden.

I’m the opposite I’d avoid ubuiti/unifi like the plague, their software is buggy as fuck and support is fucking atrocious.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

As far as I know they aren’t intending making a TV programme out of people’s doorbell camera footage though

(I hadn’t spotted Amazon buying MGM either…)

I’m crap at network stuff, are the Asus units plug and play when used as a Mesh setup?

The asus was a bit finicky.

Unless you want/need blistering download speeds the eero is better, just plug the base unit into your router then plug the extenders into a plug socket and it sets up the mesh automatically and the wifi etc is configured using their app.

eero is a piece of piss to setup.

I’m trying to cover two things.

  1. I need wifi router with the largest range as it will be sited beside a large window which overlooks an outbuilding, oil tank and caravan where I want to fit wifi cameras but it is 50m away although it would have direct line of site.

  2. The interior Mesh would be a bonus as the Devolo ‘Magic’ I currently use are far from magic.

I’d certainly recommend getting one of the domestic mesh systems, they are much better than range extenders and the like.

As to cameras etc, is there really much point? Will it act as any kind of deterrent? The police are fairly unlikely to do much, if there is no violence involved.

I would just get some motion sensitive lights and make sure the insurance covers whatever your loss might be without too punitive an excess.


50 metres may be pushing it for a wifi router even if next to a window.


What is needed here is a trip wire near the oil tank that triggers a couple of claymores and simultaneously releases a pair of under-fed Dobermans. I doubt they’ll come back after a welcome lke that. :grinning: