Outgoing Virgin emails

I cannot send emails from my blueyonder (virgin) account because spam. A message appears which includes ‘…smtp 602 includes spam content…’ any advise before I switch to gmail. Virgin didn’t come up with any answers. Cheers.

Can you copy all of the text in the returned message?

I’ve tried but it only highlights individual words.

Stop trying to sell cheap Viagra?

New in box, never used, still in date :+1:

When I use my friends WiFi there is no problem.

Then the issue could be with your router.

Have you tried switching it off and on again.

(as Olan says could be your IP address is blacklisted so switching the router off and leaving it off for a few hours may get a new IP address)

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I will try that tonight. Cheers.

I doubt that would change the IP address, they seem pretty sticky. I’ve had the same one forever.

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Didn’t work. How can I change my IP address?

You usually can’t, unless it is part of your package.
They usually charge extra for it, if they do it.
The best thing to do, is buy a cheap domain name, cheap hosting, and have a permanent email address, of your choice.
That would only cost you less than £50, and you never have to worry about changing your provider and losing your email address.

Or just use gmail/yahoo/whoever then you’re not tied to your ISP so if you want to change you don’t have to change your email.

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Well I have gmail now (nnnnnnn@gmail.com)
It’s much shorter :heart_eyes:
Will phase virgin out.

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Removed your email address Dave, not good to post in a forum as you’re likely to get spotted by the spam bots.

Thanks Pete. I sent emailed my entire address book with my new email address and it went through!!!
Don’t ask me how.