Oxford audio hi fi concert 9th sep

not connected with these guys but this looks a really good day out in Oxford . 3 separate hi fi systems playing an album . Wilson sasha , kef blades and arc ref 6 some of the notable appearances

might be worth a visit

You seem to be under the impression this is a hifi forum, get theeself over to the cockpunch thread.


No fucking chance!

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Good grief,

not sure I want to know what the less notable gear is.

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But you could win some 900 quid cables. What more could you want?

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A hole in your head to go with them :slightly_smiling_face:



Having heard both, I really can’t imagine why I’d travel anywhere to hear them again!


That Chord system is going to be painful. Not exactly inspiring selection of music either.

The blades can sound half decent, once I heard them sound OK, shite the rest of the time mind.

Only time I enjoyed them was in a home cinema demo at AWE. However that was a £400k UHD cinema system and the experience as a whole was so incredible any musical shortcomings of the speakers would not have been so apparent.

The blades were in lambo green. :-9

I’ve had a few work trips to the Atomic Weapons Establishment but I didn’t realise they’d branched out into audio demos. I imagine they could lay on ‘an incredible experience’ though.



Oddly, I heard them at some tech show at the NEC, nothing to do with hi-fi and in an open space in a hall and they sounded OK.

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I would absolutely love to hear elgars symphony at this event but can`t quite fit it in schedule