Pair RCA Clear-top, side-getter 12AU7 / ECC82

Selling on behalf of @chelseadave who was kind enough to send them to me to try.

They are a well-matched pair of what is the most desirable 12AU7 RCA ever made.

When I say well-matched: both tubes measure within 2% on my tester, and each side of each valve measures within 2% of its counterpart.

The construction is highly unusual with an oblong getter on the side of the tube instead of the top, which is said to contribute to low microphonics. Long, grey, ribbed plates are of course de-rigeur.

I’ve tried this pair in my pre: they work flawlessly and sound really good - giving a very lively, extremely 3D sound. I’d keep them but I can’t afford them all.

In NOS they make anywhere from £100 to £200 per matched pair. These are not NOS: they don’t have original boxes, all of their print has been rubbed off, and judging by how they measure, they’re about 40% or so into their life. No-one else has made or faked these, so you can be sure they’re genuine.

So, how about £60 inc. postage? I think this is a bargain, especially if you use them in a circuit that’s not running them hard - these old tubes tend to be long lived.


Nice,think my amp only uses one

Is that the AI300? Without wishing to take a sale away from @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion, unless someone has modded it the valves are 3 ECC83s and 4 ECL86s from the one I had.


Know idea as I wouldn’t know what I’m looking at tbh.
Saw this so just presumed they were all the same.
Will start another thread to get off the for sale thread

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I too have a tube tester bought on a whim when there was a sale on. Tried only one and failed.
Still in box. Orange VT-1000

Think they fit in my (ex Stu, ex JB, etc forum whore) Arion Adonis. Hmm…

One of those went for £820 on ebay recently - they were only £200-odd originally! Not being made any more so NOS like yours is sought-after.

Oh really. :flushed: well I better sell it than.

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Any interest? Offers?

Hi Paul,
Are these still available?

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Yes they are :+1:

Ok, these may be good in my pre. It uses one ecc 82 along with a pair of ef800’s. The ecc 82 fitted is a tung sol.

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Hi Paul, the valves arrived today so I shall give one a go later, thanks. I shall have to track down some Telefunken EF 800’ s now. :+1:

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