Palmer turntables

‘Rockmeister’, from HiFiWigwam, now PFM has asked that I post here to alert all Palmer turntable owners to THIS thread on PFM:

I hope that AA moderators will allow the link. Thank you

Link doesn’t go to a thread.

Thanks Kevin I pasted it incorrectly. Works now I think?


Thanks :grin:

I’m sure Rocky still has 17 accounts here, not sure why he didn’t just post himself.

I have often wondered what happened to Palmer TTs, everything went very quiet a 2 or 3 years ago.
I remember John bringing a prototype to a bake off at Papa Lazarou’s many years ago, and I saw and heard Rocky’s one many times.
I always liked them a lot, shame they are no longer available.

Bought a load of plinths from Russ Collinson and never paid for them. ALLEGEDLY.

Always thought they were massively overpriced.


They appear to be readily available in the USA as Stereophile just did a review of one.

Post number 12 in the thread listed above seems to answer most questions.


I remember getting a bit annoyed when Palmer latched onto Rocky’s room at Scalford and did a bit of a hard sell. That said it was with a set of Harbeths, so I can’t imagine they were flying out of the door.

I’m his bitch.

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Not really something you’d want to shout about.

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I just did tho. If you’re jealous, you could contact him here?

Thread now updated on PFM

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Thanks. Due to excessive stupidity and/or laziness no one here is capable of following a thread on PFM. It is jolly good of you to help.

It is far too green over there for the likes of me.

PFM in “needs moar yellow” shocker :smirk:

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And Strayans obviously

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Can you provide a basic overview of what’s being said please. Maybe copy and paste the important stuff here so we don’t miss anything.