Para badminton

Gents, there’s a good article about young Jack on the Beeb website today. I’m only using my mobile at the moment and don’t know how to copy the link here. Could someone please help and post it here. :+1:


Both very positive thinking gentleman despite the disappointment one is going to face.

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Just read this, obvs I am rooting for Jack.
Also would like to see Jack on GOT

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Sat by the pool reading this…
Great front page stuff!

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They are out in Switzerland this week at the World Championships. Keep up to date using BWF tournament software website.
I’m going out on Thursday to watch. Thanks to you all for your support of Jack.


Wish him all the best from me

Yes , hope all goes well.

All the best to Jack. A pity they can’t both go.

it’s like a plot for a movie, hope it goes well in Switzerland

Jack through to last 16. He plays last 16 and quarter finals today.


Into Quarter finals
Tomorrow is quarter finals and semi finals


BBC website indicates with the draw Krysten and Jack would only meet in the final… :grimacing:

He is through to the final.
He beat the Malaysian and Indian today in quarter and semi finals.
He plays Hong Kong player in the final tomorrow.
Awesome performance.
Unfortunately our other English player Krysten was knocked in the quarter finals by the Brazilian player.
I’ll update tomorrow on what happens in the final.


Does that mean Jack goes to the Olympics as the highest rated British player?

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Well done to Jack - I watched the round that he won against a Netherlands guy

Is the final going to be live streamed? If so where.

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Well done Jack! Hope he makes it all the way Tim.

It doesn’t mean qualifying for Tokyo is automatic there are still several qualifying events to play at.
I believe it will be live streamed on the you tube bwf badminton page.

Looks like Jack will play at about 11:15 to 11:30 Swiss time so 10.30 in uk.

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We will be rooting for him.
(Not in the Penance sense though).