Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)

Came back to the car this afternoon and found this thing, was going to call the police as I assumed it must have been used as a getaway car or something and abandoned.

(3 empty spaces to the left of it as well)

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I fucking love parking like a cunt :laughing:


Wise decision :+1:


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Oo er, you only give it out then :+1:

It would appear so…

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And just to give an impression of Macan drivers, this was parked.


Is that a Macan, I thought for a second it was a VW Tiguan…

Aren’t they the same thing underneath?

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Macan S with personalised number plates.

obviously hasn’t been to the Porsche Experience Centre

Easy mistake to make.

He is going to be busy if he gets the job of the mets next CC


That’s a disabled space to the right and the last two spaces in the car park are being used by the lazy cunt that abandoned that Volvo.


I live on the appropriately named ‘School Lane’.
Come chucking out time the local mongtwunts come out in force, every inch of pavement is crammed with ‘2 up 2 down’ parking cuntery and the shitlords just don;t seem to give a fuck.
There have been a few incidents of dislodged wing mirrors that i couldn’t comment on knowing nothing about their circumstances and if one of these shit for brain, knuckle dragging thunder cunts is sitting in their car I’ll make my displeasure at having to walk my son home down the middle of the road loudly and vocally known but it makes no difference to these braindead shit heads.
I shall take photos and post if i can stop screaming long enough.

Living on a street with such parking would piss me off also. That’s why I wouldn’t buy a house on a road with a school at the bottom of it…

To be fair it’s great when you have a kid who goes there - takes 2 minutes to drop him off and pick him up.
Without having to use a car.

When I do the school run it’s the mumsies driving massive Jap/German 4x4s who are consistently the least considerate for residential parking. Blocking driveways, pavements, that sort of thing, or just stopping in the middle of the road with blinkers on. To be fair, it could be Dads too, but it’s almost always Cayenne sorts, definitely.