Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Engage reverse gear and…


The unnamed person, thought to be a student, performed the parking blunder in Falmouth, Cornwall, at around 23:20 GMT on Saturday night.

Oh dear.



Somehow missed this one last month:



Excellent, 4 wheel drive but still only 4 wheel brakes :rofl:


Is it trying to get in the water or out?


Hard to say. Possibly neither. Perhaps the cunt has ignored the “Private. No Parking” sign and opted to park in the river. It is a well known fact that the arrogance of your average Range Rover driver knows no bounds.


Lancaster Terrace. Today. Unhappy mix of C-class Merc, Christmas spirit, and an excess of parking cuntery.


Has to be a Premier league player to take a dive like that.


Going to need a bit of T- cut…


The cost of recovery and repair was probably cheaper than the local parking tariff for an hour.


Water of Leith, Boxing Day


Park like a punt?

Hat/coat deployed


Bad day at the airport for Lord Ashcroft’s Falcon…




“accidentally reversed” - ffs, it’s so easy to miss that you’re going backwards rather than forwards, isn’t it :roll_eyes:


It’s the fucking speed he was ‘accidently reversing’ that got me


And the fact that clipping another vehicle on the way to his final destination didn’t alert him to the possibility that something might be not quite right.