Pass Aleph 2 Monoblock Power Amps

Not much introduction needed as most on here have heard these, either at Scalford or my place.

They are 100wpc into 8 ohms or 200w into 4. Pure Class A. They were professionally re-capped just before I bought them a couple of years back.

Nelson Pass has said in several interviews that sonically, these are his favourite of all the amps he designed.

I’m driving all over the place at the moment in connection with my job, so I might be able to deliver them.

£2500 ono


What are the dimensions?

295mm x 295mm x 265mm (each)

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17.6 metric shit-tons.



They’re actually not that heavy Guy, but they are pretty awkward to man-handle - a bit like picking up a 5 kilo spiny urchin :stuck_out_tongue:

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From their looks I just assumed that they would be absurdly heavy :smile:

It’s the leccy bill that will be absurdly heavy (but worth it)

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Yeah, but you save on the central heating bill :grinning:

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About 600w, so hardly breaks the bank.

Anyway, good luck with the sale, lust.


@Ijrussell can you buy these so I can buy them off you in about two years.


Fab amps!

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@Jim you might want to include this in your ad


I’m tempted but I’m really liking what I already have.


Given their rarity, I thought these would have been snapped up pretty quickly…

Suggest them to this bloke?

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Nice one Stephen, cheers.

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Nothing of any value is selling at the moment !!

Agreed it’s probably not the best time of year to sell, but ironically, these are great in the winter cos they keep your listening room toasty :grinning:

Not in any particular hurry anyways…

Is there nobody on here with broken central heating?


Hi there

new to this forum, but have been a regular on PFM for many years.

I might be interested. I am in Watford, Herts. do you come close ever? How is their cosmetic condition, any chips or dents.

Do you know their age too.

Thanks so much

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