Password hack on PFM

Quick heads-up, had my account on PFM hacked, and there’s a small possibility of other such account hacks while I rattle about changing passwords (albeit the one on PFM was unique to there, so hopefully not), so if you see any for-sale ads from me that are uncharacteristically polite or fairly priced as opposed to the usual abusive scams: avoid!


Who the fuck has the inclination to hack passwords on a hifi forum?! Talk about the very definition of too much time on their hands. Sheesh

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Someone purporting to have an Exposure XV amplifier for sale for £145!

i.e. someone who had actually done their homework and knew what sort of thing Fink-Pishers would snap-up in an instant…


Right, ok! I guess at that level, a quick bank transfer and bung it in the post, is the norm, so theoretically easy to get away with. But even so, I’m obviously a bit naive, but it never ceases to amaze me that people actually sit around trying to pull shit like that. You know, there’s so many amazing things one can choose to do with a life, and that’s what they’ve come up with.


Maybe sexytimes69 wasn’t as secure as you thought it was?


Couldn’t agree more Nick, the amount of effort some twats put into crime, they could make a good, honest living from! For some scumbags it just never seems to cross their minds.

Oh great, now I’ve gotta change my pwd here, too! :angry:



You might post a warning on PFM if you haven’t already done so, and contact Tony to warn him as this kind of thing is best publicised widely.

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Quite right, but Tony or one of the admins were on to it way before me - my account is suspended.

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A mercy to all concerned too. :grin:


IKR - the lengths I have to go to to get the bans I want!


Makes sense your account was hacked, there were suspiciously helpful posts about recapping amps prior to that as well.

General advice with this and all accounts that support it, is enable 2FA. There’s an option in your pfm account settings to do this.

Same with this site, under Preferences > Security.


Think it’s been going on for a while on pfm.
There was a nait 5 for £200 some months ago, and the pics had just been lifted of another nait 5 in the classifieds… Lazy scammer.

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Nice one, done on both. It will piss me off, but it’s worth it.

Hopefully it will ask you if you want to “trust this device”, if it’s any good. Then you will be hassled very infrequently.

Actually, it’s better than that. It’s the microsoft system, so you don’t have to wait for a GSM text to come through, the app just fires up on your phone and you thumb print in.

I stay logged in most of the time anyway. It would only kick in if a third party tried to hack me or my session times out.

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