Password manager advice

Some of my accounts have been part of yet another leak and I’m getting rather jacked off with all this so I’m in the market for a password manager

I need something that requires the minimum of fuss when logging on different devices: does such a thing exist? they all seem like a proper ballache

1Password. By miles. Definitely a case of you get what you pay for.


Righty ho - thx

Use this at work and at home

I also have a Yubikey but there aren’t many services that support it yet, does passwords and has quite a good MFA app

Favourite MFA app is still the MS authenticator though.

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Roboform is one of my favourites, we use it at work.

I use Dashlane pretty good

Did you have to change anything after their data breach last year?

Nope that breach was back in 2022 and we (and I) only started using it mid last year.

At work we only use the offline vault as all the operational networks are air gapped from internal and external networks.

TBF all the build/install passwords are still in spread sheets and won’t be added until just before it goes live in 2026