PCB clear out

Clearing out the spares I have. Prices do not include postage.

Aleph J diy audio store pcbs : £15.00

BrianGT aleph pcbs (can be used to make mini aleph,3 or 30 with one set, 60 with 2 sets) with PSU pcb. £15.00 each set, 3 available.

Hifisonix Ovation NX pcbs, Hifisonix nx-Amplifier: A High Performance 100 W Class AB Current Feedback Amplifier | hifisonix Projects £15.00.

Aleph P1.7 pre amp boards PASS Labs - Aleph P v1.7 - Familie Witt (wittnet.de) £15.00

BPPBP Bruno Putzey’s Purist Balanced Preamp The G word.pdf (hypex.nl) Boards with smd components done £20.00 each, 2 available.

Mark Kelly DC turntable motor controller PCB with printed documents: £15.00.