PDF File Help

Ok, bit of a long shot but was wondering if any of the IT geniuses on here could help.

I am having an issue with a Fork Lift Truck company regarding a Thorough Examination of a FLT we have purchased. We had it on site for 3 days then it was returned to the workshop for repairs that were dangerous to the point of it being unusable. Massive wears on the extending boom, safety switches not working etc etc.

I have been on the company for a copy of the Thorough Examination which they have to do before the machine is delivered, but have had nothing but excuses why they cannot provide one. The engineer is off sick, now he has left the company. After some rather stern emails they have managed to find a copy, my concerns are that it has been done after the machine was returned to them just to try and wriggle out of a very awkward situation for them.

My question is, can this be dated as to when it was created? I saved it to my PC but it only gives me the date I saved it. It is in PDF format.

Some metadata does get stored but it’s usually editable, so may not be what you need. Try this site where you upload your pdf and it displays what it can:


Thanks Ian, I will try it tomorrow.