Peavey PV14 mixer desk fault

Hi Guys I’m asking for advice again I help run a jam night non profit at a local pub and the mixer desk doesn’t seem to have the effects working …not sure whether I’m doing something wrong or a motherboard has gone faulty …it’s a Peavey PV14 desk Any help would be appreciated Micky

Have you pressed ALL THE BUTTONS?


I may have missed the correct one to the path of orgasmic music …I’ll try again :joy:

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The show must go on! - flood it with zippo lighter fuel strap it to your head and start running about shouting give us a light. The audience will either be privy to a spectacular light show or terrified (which I understand many people actually find entertaining.)

Have you read the manual? :wink:

the trim knob directly over the fader labelled EFX is the amount of effect mixed into that channel.
Try turning that up
Pick a really distinct effect like a delay and turn it up using the trim knob you should hear it increasing as you mix more effect into that channel

Tried that Tim and it didn’t have any effect on flat sound …someone suggested that the effects board may be faulty .Im trying to find someone to confirm this and hopefully fix it

I’ve downloaded the manual and scan it for an answer but so far a blank