Perspex dust covers

I am looking for someone to fabricate a dust cover, any suggestions/recommendations?


I got one from here

lasted many years.

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There is a minimum order of €130 for orders from UK :roll_eyes:

never used to be, I guess Brexit getting in the way…shame

I had one made by these people

Quite a few years ago now but I was happy with the quality/price at the time.

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Thanks Paul, they are fairly local to me, I will give them a call on Monday.

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What size do you need?

486x366x73 to replace this

Ah, very precise, the one I have won’t suit, it’s just a general dust cover.

OK, thanks Bob.

They won’t do custom covers though


Save yer cash mate - you’ll change the deck before it gets a chance to gather any fucking dust! :joy:

Well, I’ve got 3 at the moment…

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#DJ4LIFE innit :ok_hand:

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And how many working cartridges?