Pete's old Audi

Is (as of a week ago), 205 BHP, 225 lb.ft (Dyno’d) and, despite being (officially) worth less than a Mantovani Xmas CD box set, makes me grin like a loon every time I drive it :smiley:

Still does 33 MPG when driven sensibly too.

Me likey, muchly.


Try as he did, he couldn’t break it.

A ride around the back roads of Kimpton! An experience I’ll never forget :hushed:


The Vanessa equivalent of hi-fi fora cars perhaps ?

Did that last Friday eve. Car has changed, roads and Pete haven’t. :joy:

You want to try it in a Beetle :open_mouth:

I’d be more concerned with the suspension than the engine, if I was you… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was perfectly balanced. Heavy engine in the back, and two athletic folk up front.


Immortal car is immortal.

Did you get a dyno run before?

I did.

Did you have work done on it, as it came in at 167, which is a bit high for standard (150) ?

I blame that Phil chappie

Nope. Bone stock AFAIK, unless previous owner did something. Unlikely. though; maybe it’s just nice and loose at 300k miles!

Apparently, the engine was in excellent condition and they reckoned it wasn’t that unusual to see 300K examples !!!

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The 1.8T is reckoned to be very reliable and it’s been regularly serviced every 10k miles, the last 170k or so by Phil of this parish.

I was always careful to warn it up before giving it any beans.

It didn’t feel that quick when I drove It…

…mind you, it did have me, Pete, Guy and his Mrs in it at the time :wink:

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Ah so it was a stretch limo then (that wasn’t stretched before you lot got into it).


Told you the engine pulled like a train.

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How many custard pies to the mile were you getting in?

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