Phono cartridge inspection and repair?

I’ve got a cartridge which I’m unsure is performing properly and so I’d like someone to check it over for me and potentially do repairs/ refurb.

Who would folks recommend - Expert Stylus?

Have a bake, we’ll all come round and let you know if it’s working ok :grin:

:+1: fixt for bakeoff accuracy and fucking autocorrect

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or, Goldring?

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When I get enough time to actually get round to buying another house with a decent size listening room then bakes will be done.

Obviously it’ll need a room the size of a medieval banqueting hall to house enough buffet for you fat fucks :grimacing:


What cartridge is it?

Haha…Wayne the eighth :laughing:


I was thinking at a minimum this would be required for snacks -

And this for the evening -

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If you want it done by Lyra, I suspect you would have to deal through their distributor

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You’ve been talking to Dean haven’t you …


Bread looks OK

Send it to johnniebaby for evaluation.


I have just had a Lyra retiped by ESCO can’t fault what they have done.

I think they do service work for Lyra but thay may be wrong.

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But even nicer dumplings :thumbsup: